When you want to work on it,
put it in Scrapp.

Annotate, organize and share any and all the files that you collect on your mobile devices.
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Work on mobile devices, revolutionized

Capture and file PDF’s, articles, notes, photos, websites or pretty much anything in Scrapp. Review them online and offline. And scribble your thoughts on them before sharing.
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It’s time to put all those bits and pieces on your iPad to work.

Import directly from your Safari browser or from apps like Mail, Dropbox and Twitter.
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Scrapp is a simple way to capture all your thoughts and files.
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Scribble on your files and use our sophisticated mark-up tools for drawings.
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Share your files easily through WiFi, cellular, or directly between mobile devices.
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Organize all your PDFs, notes, photos and websites in one genius place.
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Mark it up the easy way

Annotate any file with your finger, keypad or Apple Pencil. Highlight, comment, underline and sign any document. Or start your own drawing or technical sketch from scratch.
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